Welcome to the NarpsUK Online Pet Sitting and Dog Walking business course. We hope you enjoy taking the course and look forward to receiving your feedback when you have completed it.

You will see that the course has now been divided into individual modules.
Each module is sub-divided into sections. Each section has a number of links which are either to pages of information or to tasks and activities to help you learn - Simply click on each one in order.

Completing an Activity

When you complete an activity you have the opportunity to mark it as completed.

Next to each activity there is a tick-box. Simply click in it to add a tick. When you've completed a section (ie ticked all the activities) then the next section will become available.

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business Course

Module 1: Is Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Business Right for you?

This module is free to enroll on.  It is a taster Module for you to see how the course is laid out and find out if this is for you before committing to buy any of them.